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Take Back What's

Progress Libs is bringing together Political Professionals, Influencers and the Brightest minds of the new generation to build a future we can be proud of

What are you waiting for?

Stop dreaming, start acting



Because of donors like you, Progress Libs has been able to mobilize thousands of young people around the country.

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A New Voice

Progress Libs was founded in 2022 by 17 year old immigrant Maya Luna. Disillusioned by democratic messaging and the resistance to embrace digital organizing, Luna began working with online creators, communities and local organizers to engage young people and knock doors around the country

Progress Libs is pioneering progressive media for the new digital frontier. Creating "fun-first" Content to rival the right's PragerU, TPUSA and Daily Wire along with teaming up with online communities to widen the progressive coalition and drive it towards action

Canvassing lawn sign Raphael Warnock Georgia GA Senate Midterms Runoff 2022
Canvas Launch Sydney Batch NC State Senate Midterms 2022

Empathy, Vision and Strength

Democrats lose because they let themselves lose. While the right talks about domination and removing our rights, the left is busy trying to explain the minutia of a tax plan.

Progress Libs is molding a new type of progressive. One that is down to earth and human, divorced for coastal elitism. One with a vivid and passionate vision for the future along with the practical policy to accomplish it and is ready to fight to turn it into reality

Progress In Action

Our Impact

  • - ​Knocked on over 80,000 Doors in 6 months

  • - Influencer network spanning over 8 Million Subscribers

  • - 65+ Million Impressions reaching all corners of the internet  

  • - Thousands of low political engagement young people recruited by working alongside online communities and engaging authentically 

  • - Supported the Largest out of state Canvassing Operation in Georgia for the 2022 Special Election

  • - Led by a Coalition of Youth Activists, Media Savvy Creators and Political Professionals

  • - Chapters in 12 states including all Swing States

  • - 68% of our members are LGBTQ, including our founder who is a Queer Woman of Color

  • - Brought young people out to canvass for elections around the country, including the Warnock Runoff, the Virginia Primary, the Wisconsin Supreme court election

and we're just getting started...

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