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Politics for a new Generation

The internet has changed the world forever... its time we catch up.

Conservatives have a monopoly on digital content. All of the most popular news and podcasts online are right wing and the left is yet to do anything meaningful to put an end to it.

Progress Libs is creating the new digital frontier for progressives. A left wing answer to "The Daily Wire", "The Tim Pool Show" and "Joe Rogan." Fun, edgy. From our Blog that gives a platform to younger writers alongside experts in their fields to our serialized news and entertainment content. Progress Libs is a one stop shop for everything you need.

Along side content, Progress Libs is using our digital relationships to get young people out and active in an unprecedented way.

By organizing with our partnered online communities, influencers and streamers, we buck the trends and bring political action into a bright new future where everyone is involved, and where energy built online is translated into tangible real-world results.

We use the community-building power of online spaces to unite the goals of lawmakers, influencers and Gen Z into tangible Action.

2024 Agenda

We Just Released our Brand Spanking New  2024 Agenda.


Want a detailed overview on our political philosophy? 

Curious about what states we are focusing on in 2024?

Wondering what kind of Content we are making?

Read our 2024 Agenda for all of that and More!

Who are We?

Progress Libs is you

We are a community of organizers, volunteers and officials dedicated to advancing progressive causes up and down the ballot in the online age.

We work together, we fight together and we have fun together.

Beyond politics, Progress Libs is a community of like-minded people here to build on each others’ passion for making our country and our communities a better place to live.


Our Vision


Better Tomorrow, Built Today

We don't just lead young people - we turn them into a new generation of leadership.

By supporting the efforts of young people across the country we amplify a diverse set of voices to our democracy - one founded on equality, pragmatism and optimism.

What We Do

Zoomers in Action

We organize Canvassing efforts, taking Gen Z to the streets and changing minds in elections both big and small.

We hold workshops that preach the value of civic engagement to disenfranchised youth.

We support Gen Z candidates around the country running for office.

No matter where, Progress Libs is there - we bring the fight

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